Recommended sex positions to have a boy

By Emily Garcia

September 23, 2013

It’s natural to have children, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t. The moment of pregnancy and birth are a really special time in a couples lives that is a fruition of their love and science all mixed into one. The process of pregnancy and carrying a baby is unique to mammals, and is a culmination of a few factors. Pregnancy occurs with the fertilization of the egg by a sperm, the egg contains the xx chromosomes and the sperm xy. These chromosomes determine the sex of the baby and are known as the sex chromosomes. This is a biological process that determines the sex of the child without any input from the parents. But what if there were natural ways you could determine the sex of your baby? Below are methods to try in how to conceive a baby boy.

The most common question after one finds out they are pregnant is am I having a boy or girl. Landrum Shettles in the 1960s, developed the Shettles Method which is based on the idea that the Y chromosome sperm are smaller, weaker and faster than the X chromosome sperm. This led to the promotion of certain sexual intercourse positions. The first being “Doggy Style”. This position allows for deeper penetration, meaning that during ejaculation in the vagina the male sperm gets deposited closer to the cervix. And according to Shettles Method the Y chromosome should outperform the X resulting in a higher percentage for a baby boy. The next methods are along the same principle, that is to have sex in positions that have deep penetration. Positions such as standing up, the butterfly, and splitting bamboo. These methods position lovers in such a way as to maximize the Shettles Method. They involve the maximum penetration in order to help the X chromosome and the woman create a baby boy. In choosing one of these positions stick with one that makes the female orgasm. Now this may seem obvious, but when women achieve orgasms during sexual intercourse, their bodies produce a substance that makes the vagina more alkaline. This shift in the pH level of the vagina creates an environment that is more favorable and hospitable to the Y sperm. Landrum Shettles claims that the contractions occurring during an orgasm help push the sperm into the cervix faster. Other research studies claim diet and sexual positions affect gender selection.

There is no empirical evidence to prove these methods will result in determining the sex of your baby. But these anecdotal methods have been around for awhile and it can’t hurt to try them out, if nothing else you and your partner will have fun trying to get pregnant with a baby boy. A 2008 report from Oxford shows the first evidence that a child’s sex is associated with a mother’s diet. How much a mother eats at the time of conception may influence whether she gives birth to a boy or a girl. Lab results found in vitro fertilization studies showing high levels of glucose encourage the growth of male embryos while inhibiting female embryos.

So in conclusion, sex positions may not have a direct correlation to determining the sex of a baby. But it can’t hurt trying them out while maintaining a diet that promotes the pregnancy of the sex of the baby you want.

Natural versus Advanced technology in selecting baby gender

By Emily Garcia

September 21, 2013

As you might well expect the chances of a mother giving birth to a baby girl or a baby boy are 50/50. There are only two sexes so you will get one or the other. However, many couples would like to choose the sex of their baby for a variety of reasons. With the advances in medical knowledge it is now possible to do just that with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.

Up until about forty years ago it was not only not possible to choose the sex of a child, it wasn’t even possible to tell the sex of a child before it was born. Some people might say that this is a good thing and indeed there are parents today who still do not want to know the sex of their child before it is born.

However, knowing the sex of the child in advance does have benefits, not the least of which is that preparations can be made for clothing, the color of the nursery and so on.

Medical knowledge has now gone that extra step in that it is possible to choose the gender of your baby, albeit at a very high price.

Natural methods of selection will not have such a high success rate but it is possible to increase the chances of having a boy or girl by following certain procedures. Some of these have been dismissed as old wives tales, but others do seem to have an element of truth to them.

Most people are aware that the sex of a child is determined by the father. The female produces an egg with an X chromosome while the male’s sperm contains either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome. The sex of the baby will depend on which sperm fertilizes the egg. If it is an X chromosome sperm the result will be a girl and a Y will produce a boy. So are there ways in which we can increase the chances of a Y chromosome sperm fertilizing the egg?

Sperm can live for up to five days and it is known that male sperm (Y) swim faster than female sperm. Theoretically it would seem that there would therefore be far more boys born than girls, but the male sperm suffers a disadvantage in that it can get killed off by acidic conditions in the vagina. A woman’s vagina is at its most acidic near the entrance so in order to conceive a baby boy deep penetration is recommended. This involves either what is known as “doggy” style or having sex standing up. This gives the male sperm a better chance of avoiding the acidity and getting to the egg first.

Another recommendation is to ensure that the woman has an orgasm before the man ejaculates. An orgasm creates a more alkaline condition in the vagina and gives the male sperm a better chance.

Another thing to consider is to avoid sex for four or five days before ovulation and then have sex on the day it occurs. This means that the sperm have further to travel as the egg has only just left the ovary and, of course, gives the faster swimming male sperm a better chance. It does mean that you need to calculate the day of ovulation, but there are now kits available which enable you to do that.

Then there is a famous Chinese gender predicting calendar based on the lunar calendar. This is said to give a very accurate pointer to the correct month in which to conceive a baby boy.

Yet another theory is to eat foods which change the body’s pH balance in the weeks before conception. This makes the body more alkaline and so gives the male sperm an advantage.

The medical treatment of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is said to be 99.99% accurate and can be used to select a boy or a girl. PGD gives couples the chance to determine their baby’s sex by identifying male and female embryos conceived in a laboratory before being inserted into the woman’s uterus. A minor surgical procedure is used to retrieve eggs from the woman’s ovaries. These are then fertilized in the laboratory using the man’s sperm or that of a donor.

When the embryos are two days old they are then examined to determine whether they are male or female and the egg or eggs of the desired sex are inserted into the uterus.

This does create something of a moral dilemma for some couples as to what to do with the remainder of the embryos, although they can be frozen for use later.

Of course, PGD is not a cheap process, probably costing in the region of $20,000 so it is really only for the more wealthy couple. However, the success rate may well be considered worthwhile for those who insist that they want to determine baby gender.

Ultimately the choice of method is up to the couple concerned, but it would seem that the natural methods are, to put it succinctly, the most natural. They can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy from 50% to around 70% according to many sources, and it avoids the necessity for what many might consider as “playing God”. If everyone started using PGD and most couples decided they wanted a boy (or for that matter a girl) the human race would probably die out in two or three generations.

While the natural methods can increase the chances, it is probably better to leave the final choice up to God in any case.

Advance genetics and old wives tales in selecting the gender of your baby

By Emily Garcia

September 18, 2013

There is just something about boys, especially as a mom.  From infancy when they snuggle up on your shoulder and sleep without a care in the world to toddler hood when they invite you into a dinosaur battle and give you a hug and an “I love you mommy!” after they have mortally injured you in battle.  Listening to them talk about their first “girlfriend” when they are four, watching them hit their first homeroom, and having them jump in the bed with you during a nighttime thunderstorm to “protect” you are just a few things that come along with a son.  While nothing is guaranteed until they are delivered, there are two medical procedures that will increase your likelihood of conceiving a boy and numerous old wives tales that promise they will.

In vitro fertilization is an option that has two different procedures that can be used.  Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis involves a technician examining the zygotes that have resulted from the fertilization of the mother’s egg with the father’s sperm separating the males from the females.  The doctor, then, only implants the males into the mother.  Per MSNBC, your chance of being able to conceive a male using this method is extremely close to 100%. It is very important to note that many clinics will not allow couples to use this method simply to pick their child’s sex regardless of how much they are willing to pay.  It is used, instead, almost exclusively for couples that have a genetic abnormality that they must avoid for the sake of the baby such as Tay-Sachs Disease.  It is a complicated, invasive procedure that costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 per cycle with no guarantees of a viable pregnancy.   In conclusion, pre implantation genetic diagnosis is the method that gives you the best chance of conceiving a boy, but the likelihood of finding a doctor who will do it specifically to choose a child’s gender is next to none.

The MicroSort Method is a second type of IVF that can be used to increase the probability of conceiving a boy.  This method requires the sperm to be separated into male and female sperm before implantation.  The male sperm are, then, used to fertilize the eggs and implanted into the mother.  As of September 2013, MicroSort is not approved in the United States for gender selection.  However, other countries including Mexico and Switzerland have it available.  They will only perform it for couples that already have at least one child and the couple must be trying to conceive the underrepresented gender in their family.  There is only a 70% chance of success.  The price varies based on where you opt to have it performed, but the average cost is $3,500 to $3,000 per cycle.  In conclusion, it requires extensive travel, is expensive, and doesn’t have that high a success rate.

There are numerous old wives tales that promise to increase your likelihood of conceiving a boy, but whether they are successful or not is hard to determine.  Many tales revolve around food including that a mother hoping for a boy should eat plenty of red meat when trying to get pregnant and eat salty snacks.  Prospective fathers should drink Coke during the conception process.  Other tales center on  the act of sex.  A few options include having sex while standing up, lying down after sex to give male sperm the opportunity to beat the female sperm to the egg, women sleeping to the left of their partner after sex, ensuring that the male partner climaxes first, and having sex at night on odd days on the month.  Obviously, it can’t be determined whether these things are successful or not, but it’s worth a shot.

In conclusion, boys are adorable, but they cannot be guaranteed.

How to conceive a boy

By Emily Garcia

September 14, 2013

If you and your spouse are trying to conceive, you may be interested in having a boy. There are a many couples who are interested in setting this up for themselves. Some may think that they can only generate a boy based on their genetics. But there are actually quite a few different natural ways of increasing the odds that you have a boy. It may surprise some people to learn that they can do this right from their own home. It will be up to each couple to decide how much resources they want to dedicate when they learn how to conceive a baby boy.

First, it would help if couples became familiarized with the Shettles Method. This is an approach that attempts to understand what you might be able to get when you carefully plan how you will conceive. At its core, this idea supports the notion that X Chromosomal sperm cells are smaller and faster. These are the sperm cells that will ultimately generate boys, so it will be god to try to help them succeed. There are certain times of the month when some women may be more inclined to ovulate. The Shettles Method stipulates that these boy sperm cells will find it easier to run their course during this ovulation period.

Some researchers have also found a link between orgasms and conceiving male infants. These studies have shown that women who have more orgasms during sex will tend to conceive boys more often. So couples should try to make sure that the woman is able to have orgasms while they are trying to conceive. There are a number of different reasons why this approach may work for you. Some think that orgasms will help make sure that the sperm make it towards the egg sooner. This may give X Chromosomal sperm cells an advantage over Y Chromosomal sperm cells.

Finally, there are many dietary changes that could be made to increase the chances of having a boy. Some studies have shown that acidic foods tend to favor Y Chromosomal sperm cells. So if you want to know how to conceive a baby boy, you should avoid these acidic foods. Other research has shown that eating throughout the day can help women get the food that they need to support a baby boy. There are a few other studies that indicate caffeinated drinks and cough syrup may also help the couple accomplish this. If you would like to know more about how to conceive a baby boy, you might be interested in talking to a doctor soon.

Reasons Why Majority Prefer Baby Boy

By Emily Garcia

August 22, 2013

“Boy or Girl?” this is a question which brings divergent opinions from different people based on their personal preferences. Different regions of the world have been found to have varying opinions concerning whether to have a girl child or a boy child. Different countries have used various gender prediction methods to know the gender of a child before birth and this has been attributed to decline in national child ratio which result to demographic concern. Countries like China has ancient birth predictor charts which help them know the child’s gender after conception and this has been used by many urban couples in China to bear the child of their preferred gender due to the one-child policy in their country. However, India has banned use of ultra-sound machines used in sex determination and which has affected their sex ratio.


China’s single baby law
Due to its high population, China has passed population policy which seeks to restrict couples living in urban areas to bear one child only. The law only allows additional children to rural couples, twins or ethnic minority groups. This limitation to urban couples to bear only one child has seen them turn to the ancient Chinese gender predictor or the Chinese birth chart. This has helped urban couples carefully bear a boy or girl depending on their preference.

The decline in girl: boy ratio has caused the government of India to issue a ban on the use of ultrasound machines which perform sonogram on pregnant women to determine the sex the child and which was used by some couples in selecting male child over female. Their sex ratio has been recorded to drop from 913 girls per 1000 births in 2001 to 883 girls per 1000 births in 2011 and which necessitated the ban.

Statistics of Preference by Eastern Versus Western

The most recent sex ratio at birth statistics has shown that the eastern world has a high male preference over female. China leads the list with 1.333 males per female followed by Armenia and India respectively. The western world has a lower male to female preference as compared to the eastern world although more preference is still on the male child. Recent research in the U.S. has shown that if couples were allowed to have only one child, 40% of them would prefer a boy while 28% would prefer a girl but the preference varies with age and sex. Statistics show that in Asia and Europe, out of every 100 girls born, 102-106 girls are born. In India and China, 120-130 boys are born out of every 100 girls. Gender related abortions in the U.S. have been reported to be only 5% as compared to Asia where many abortions are done in preference to male child. Asian culture has been found to have more endemic preference to male child as compared to the western world.

When Baby Girl is Preferred

Statistics show that most couples prefer a baby girl at second birth and a male child at first birth. In China where urban couples are only allowed to bear one child have been reported to have many gender related abortions which mostly favor the male child. Girl child adoption in China is currently at 96% girls while boy adoption is only 4% this means they mostly prefer bearing a boy child and female child is an afterthought.

Overall, all nations of the world have shown preference of the male child over female child although the altitude is slowly changing. Many couples have always asked “I’m I having a boy or a girl?” and the answer in some cases has determines whether to keep the pregnancy or not. In my opinion, the society should shift from this attitude and treat both boy and girl child equally.

How to cope if baby gender selection fails

By Emily Garcia

August 12, 2013

Millions of people across the globe would like to become parents some day. Due to certain circumstances in life this is only a dream for many. With the use of new technologies, the opportunity to have children can now be a reality. Did you know people across that across the globe are now able to select the gender of a child? This is even more miraculous! Three methods commonly used are:

Ericsson Method: Developed by Dr. Ronald Ericsson in the early 1970’s, this method is still currently used today with the best of technologies. The Ericsson Method allows the male to provide sperm or semen, which is processed in a test tube. Sperm is diluted and placed in a tube filled with HAS. The sperm then is allowed to penetrate the HAS for approximately 1 hour, which aids in the process of the semen X and Y chromosomes to split on its own instead of the use of a spinning machine. Having a boy or girl depends on this process. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes called the gender predictor. The semen is then implanted into the female as artificial insemination. For a girl the female takes what is called Clomid well before the entire process begin. The success rate for girls is 5 out of 6 @ 75% average rate and boys 1 out of 3 @ 85% average rate. Remarkable!

Shettles Method: Developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles. This method requires the male and female to have sex in certain environmental temperatures and positions. The X bearing sperm survives longer in the cervix. The Y bearing sperm are usually smaller and can swim faster. Sucess rate is over 75%.

Whelan Method: Developed by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan. This method recommends that couples should have sex 4 – 6 days before the ovulation period (before body temp rises) to have a baby gender boy and Couples should have sex 2 – 3 days before ovulation to have a baby gender girl. Success rate is over 90%.

To choose the gender of your baby, sometimes come with consequences. The process of choosing a gender can fail. This is a hurtful outcome for both the male and female. Talking about the overall experience and possible alternatives such as adoption can help. Counselling is available and is a good therapy to make sure singles, couples and families have the necessary help to cope with gender failure. Being disappointed is common and should never be looked at as being anything less. Your feelings should never be deemed as being selfish. Remember we are all human beings and with our decisions come some type of disappointment. How we decide to handle disappointments is what really matters. Feeling shame is not an option, it is a choice that can become an obstacle. Either you keep trying or you decide to move on. No matter what your decision is, the ending results will always be okay.

Natural ways to gender selection

By Emily Garcia

July 2, 2013

There are few things that you can do to naturally select the gender of your baby.  If you would like to increase the chance of adding a baby boy or girl, there are many factors to consider. These factors are right diet, timing of intercourse and sexual position.

Getting to know how sperm influence the baby’s gender.

The sperm carrying the Y chromosome will result in a boy if successfully fertilized by the egg and Y chromosome will result in a girl. Y sperm is very small, quick and agile while the X sperm is bigger, much slower but live longer and has more endurance when traveling towards the egg.


Three days prior to ovulation to one day following the ovulation are the best time to conceive. Every woman is different, but this is generally accepted as “window of fertility”.

Right diet

Body’s PH needs to be at a certain level for each type of gender. Sperm that determines the gender require different PH for a successful trip towards fertilization. Y sperm survive in alkaline environment to reach the egg while X sperm prosper in acidic environment. To conceive a male, diet high in salt and potassium are recommended because it boost alkalinity. Example foods are bananas, sweet corn, red meat and sausages. To have a female baby, focus on foods that increases acidity which is food that are rich in magnesium and calcium. Recommended foods are grapefruit, apples, dietary products such as fish (farm fish to avoid high level of mercury) and green leafy vegetable. Don’t forget to eat foods in moderation and contain consists of balance way of life for appropriate diet. Too much sodium is not recommended and asks your Doctor if you have questions about the foods that you should be eating.

Right position

If you prefer a son, the goal is for a man orgasm as closely as possible to the cervix and release close to the cervix, shortening the trip to reach the egg cell. Examples of positions are woman dominant or woman on top, commonly called reverse cowgirl, as well as doggy position or rear entry. At the time of orgasm, the woman really should allow the man inside as deeply as possible. For daughter preference, shallow penetration is advised. Example positions are missionary, spooning, and the position where the couple wrap their legs around each other while sitting. These positions don’t allow deep penetration. Other things to keep in mind is if you want to have a son, it is important that the woman orgasm before the man. This changes the environment near the cervix, making it more conducive to the Y sperm. Secretions within the vagina that occur during an orgasm, they shift the balance of the PH to more alkaline, allowing the Y sperm the perfect environment to make it through the cervix.

There are no guarantees for the natural gender selection but it increases the odds, but no matter what gender your child ends up being, what matters the most is a healthy baby.

For more info, please read wikipedia sex selection here

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